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Poster: simon c Date: Nov 18, 2003 8:51am
Forum: iacl Subject: Internet Archive Children's Library collection update.

Hey all,

So the Archive's childrens book collection has had its metadata freshly updated:

Each entry now has a link to the relevant book at the International Children's Digital Library site, which is a co-production of the Internet Archive and the University Of Maryland.

This external site (at holds Web-readable versions of a lot of children's books also available at the Archive, but isn't part of our normal website. So we've linked to it from individual entries, such as this one!

In the future, there will be extra books stored on this Archive collection that won't be included in the external ICDL site, which is why this collection has been renamed.

So please go and check out the books - you can download a plug-in to see DJVU versions of them, or click through to to see webpages with the books featured.


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